CleanBC Income Qualified Program Rebates for Dual Fuel Ducted Heat Pumps

Space heating is the largest use of energy in homes. A properly installed heat pump is two to three times more efficient than other alternatives and can provide you with both heating and cooling for today’s cold winters and hot summers.

A dual fuel ducted heat pump combines a heat pump and a gas or propane furnace for back up heating, distributing heat and cooling through ductwork connected to vents in each room. A switch-over set point temperature determines when the backup furnace turns on. For more information, see What is a heat pump and what are its benefits?

CleanBC Income Qualified Program Rebates for Dual Fuel Ducted Heat Pumps


Rebate amount

Up to $9,500

Who can apply

B.C. citizens who live in an eligible home, meet income qualification requirements, and have residential utility accounts with BC Hydro, FortisBC, or municipal utility


The application and supporting documentation must be submitted by the Income Qualified Program Registered Contractor within six (6) months of the invoice date.

Qualifying products

Upgrades must be installed by an Income Qualified Program Registered Contractor and be on the qualified product list

Funding provided by

The Province of British Columbia

For assistance with this program, contact an Income Qualified Program Energy Coach by email at or by phone at 1-833-856-0333.

Rebate amount

Homes converting from natural gas, propane or oil

Dual fuel central ducted heat pump

HSPF ≥ 10.00 and SEER ≥ 16.00
or HSPF2 ≥ 8.50 and SEER2 ≥ 15.20*
Variable speed compressor required
Must be on the qualified product list

Rebate maximum


Income Level 1

95% of eligible upgrade costs, up to a maximum of $9,500 per home

Up to $9,500

Income Level 2

60% of eligible upgrade costs, up to a maximum of $9,500 per home

Up to $9,500

*The CleanBC Income Qualified Program will accept either the HSPF/SEER or HSPF2/SEER2 testing standard data from AHRI. The new HSPF2/SEER2 testing standard tests heat pumps to a higher standard that better represents homes in Canada, resulting in different efficiency data. An eligible heat pump that meets either the HSPF/SEER requirements or the HSPF2/SEER2 requirements and is on our qualified product list will qualify for a rebate.

CleanBC Income Qualified Program rebates cannot be combined with rebates from the CleanBC Better Homes and Home Renovation Rebate Program or other provincial or utility offers for the same upgrade.

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Eligibility requirements

In order to qualify for this rebate, all of the following requirements must be met. Please read them carefully. Contact an Energy Coach if you have questions.

Please note: You may be eligible for one primary space heating system rebate per home, regardless of the number installed. For example, you cannot get a rebate for a furnace and a heat pump, even if you install a dual fuel ducted heat pump. Your second rebate application will be denied.

Income qualification requirements

Rebate coverage is based on the combined income of all adults in your home and how many people live in your home, including adults and children.

  • Combined incomes less than Income Level 1 are eligible for up to 95% of upgrade costs.
  • Combined incomes less than Income Level 2 are eligible for up to 60% of upgrade costs.
Number of people living in your home

(including adults and children)

Combined pre-tax annual income of all adults in your home (excluding dependants):

Income Level 1

Income Level 2


$42,593 $55,903




3 $65,189


4 $79,147


5 $89,768


6 $101,242


7 or more $112,718


Requirements for the home

You must live in an eligible home:

  • The home must be a year-round primary residence that is at least 12 months old.
  • The property must have a total assessed value at or under $1,222,000 in the BC Assessment listing for the address of the applicant’s home in the year of program registration.
  • You must have a residential utility account with FortisBC, BC Hydro, or a municipal utility.
  • The home must be one of the following types:
    • Single family home (detached dwelling)
    • Secondary suite in a single-family home (detached dwelling), with its own separate utility meter
    • Mobile home that is permanently fixed, sits on a foundation and is structurally complete with installed and connected plumbing, heating, electrical, water and sewer services; towing apparatus and axle must be removed
    • Duplex, triplex, row home or townhome, where each unit has its own natural gas and/or electricity meter; utility accounts must be in the name of the resident and/or homeowner.  Utility accounts in the name of a strata corporation are not eligible.
  • The home must be primarily heated by natural gas or propane.
  • If you currently rent your home, you will need a landlord consent form to accompany your application.
  • Pay your own energy utility bills. Utility accounts must be in the name of the resident and/or homeowner; utility accounts in the name of a strata corporation or landlord are not eligible.
  • Home must be located in BC Building Code climate zone 5 (excluding Vancouver Island), 6, 7, 8, or 9 to be eligible to access a dual fuel heat pump rebate. To determine your climate zone, see What is my climate zone?
  • Homes in Non-Integrated Areas of the electricity grid must contact for pre-approval prior to installation.

Requirements for your contractor

New dual fuel heat pump must be installed:

Requirements for the upgrade

  • You must pre-register and receive an eligibility code before completing the upgrade.
  • The AHRI certified reference number for dual fuel ducted heat pumps must show the outdoor unit, indoor unit and furnace.
  • The new heat pump must:
    • Replace the existing primary heating system.
    • Be sized to function as the primary heating system of the home.
    • Have a minimum capacity of 12,000 BTU (1 ton).
    • Serve a main living area (e.g. family room, living room, or open-concept kitchen-living room).
    • Be integrated with a propane or natural gas furnace and all propane or natural gas heating equipment (piping, appliances, fuel containers, vents and associated infrastructure) must be modified in accordance with all applicable laws.
    • Have an AHRI certified reference number that references all components of the heat pump.
    • Be listed as a qualified system on the qualified product list.
    • Must have a static pressure ≥0.6” WC
    • Have the thermostat, outdoor temperature switch-over control or equipment control board set to the following region-specific temperatures for the duration of the product lifetime:
      • Southern Interior and Northern BC: <2oC
    • Be sized to ensure it has the capacity to meet the home’s heat demand at or below the region-specific outdoor set-point (e.g. the application balance point must be lower than the region-specific outdoor thermostat set-point).
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The application and supporting documentation must be submitted by the Income Qualified Program Registered Contractor within six (6) months of the invoice date.

How to apply

Before you begin

  1. Confirm eligibility by reviewing the Rebate Eligibility RequirementsParticipant Terms and Conditions, and Contractor Terms and Conditions.
  2. Complete the program’s pre-screen and pre-registration to determine your eligibility through the CleanBC Income Qualified Program participant portal. Once confirmed you will receive an eligibility code and opportunities report, outlining your suggested upgrades. You can also make an appointment with an income qualified program coach or schedule a virtual assessment for pre-registration assistance or support to identify the best upgrades for your home.
  3. Customer must choose an Income Qualified Program Registered Contractor to complete the upgrade.
  4. After completing the upgrade, contractor will submit the rebate application and deduct the rebate from the final cost of the upgrade.

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Program updates

October 01 2022 - Updated Requirements for Heat Pumps

As of October 01 2022, eligibility requirements for ductless mini-split, ductless multi-split, Tier 2 central ducted, and dual fuel ducted heat pumps have changed.

  • Heat pumps must meet new energy efficiency requirements:
    • SEER: >16.00
    • HSPF: >10.00
  • Ductless multi-split heat pumps must have at least two indoor heads installed

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