CleanBC Community Energy Coach

The Province of B.C. offers free energy coaching services to assist community organizations and local governments to engage community members on energy efficiency and home heating fuel-switching opportunities, as well as take advantage of the CleanBC Better Homes and Home Renovation Rebate Program rebates and the CleanBC Heat Pump Group Purchase Rebate.  To connect with a Community Energy Coach e-mail

What is the Community Energy Coach?

Community Support

The Community Energy Coach works with community organizations and local governments to:

  1. Support community-based promotion and engagement of the CleanBC Better Homes programs to build awareness of home energy improvement and fuel-switching opportunities.
  2. Support the implementation of Heat Pump Group Purchase Rebate initiatives in your community.
  3. Provide outreach and engagement support at public events and workshops.

Community organizations include:

  • A community association
  • A neighbourhood association
  • A service-based organization or club
  • A group of friends, family members, or neighbours

What can a community organization do?

There is a lot you can do

  • Promote the program through your social networks, newsletters, and outreach platforms individually.
  • Integrate rebate information on property tax bills, mailers, building inspections, etc.
  • Customize direct mail to targeted communities with information on accessing rebates.
  • Work with the Community Energy Coach to develop a customized Home Retrofit Acceleration Tool Kit. The tool kit is a selection of resources, marketing collateral, and outreach strategies to support community organization of home retrofits.  It is customized to the needs and goals of the community organization, be it a community center group or a municipality’s environmental or sustainability department.
  • Request a CleanBC Better Homes marketing bundle to be mailed for distribution at meetings, community halls, and other spaces.
  • Host the Considering a Heat Pump webinar to your community (see below of upcoming events).
  • Fund a municipal top up.
  • ‘Seed’ a GPR Code and promote the Program in your community (Step by step resources available).
  • Develop a testimonial series for your community.
  • Learn more by attending the CEC’s Ways to Promote Rebate Programs re-occurring webinar, see below for more information.

Promote the CleanBC Heat Pump Group Purchase Rebate Program

The Group Purchase Rebate (GPR) is an additional top-up rebate for homes switching from oil, natural gas or propane heating to a qualifying CleanBC heat pump. The rebate value is variable based on the number of homes in the GPR group, up to $500 per home in the group.

  • Participants can start their own group by requesting a GPR Code or joining another existing group with a GPR Code.
  • Recipients of a GPR Code are encouraged to spread the word about the offer and share the GPR Code with their neighbours, colleagues, and friends to increase their individual Group Purchase Rebate.
  • Participants who successfully meet the Group Purchase Rebate terms and conditions can access the GPR Rebate in addition to the CleanBC heat pump rebate (up to $6,000) and the local government top-up rebate (if available in their area, up to $6,000).

The CleanBC Group Purchase Rebate is ending as of March 31, 2024.

  • The last day to start a group is December 31, 2023. No new group codes will be issued after this date.
  • Homeowners can join a group with an active code until March 31, 2024. Registrations received after this date will not be processed.

Community Resources

The Community Energy Coach collects, creates, and distributes resources to support community organizations, municipal planners, and others to promote CleanBC rebate programs in their regions.  Below is a selection of resources, to inquire about additional resources or other support options, please use the contact form below.

Better Homes Booklet

Central Heat Pump Guide

GPR Program Promo Flyer

Better Homes Info Card

Ductless Heat Pump Guide

GPR Participant Guide

Better Homes Rebate Chart

Heat Pump Water Heater Guide

Community Events

Virtual community events are held regularly.  Check back often for updated dates, topics, and registration links – more coming soon!





February 7, 2024 7:00pm PST Free – Energy Efficient Upgrades and Rebates webinar (with Energy Save New West) Register here!
More Coming Soon!!

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