An EnerGuide home evaluation is the first step in a smart home energy renovation. An evaluation will help you make informed decisions about which upgrades would work best for your home, how to prioritize them and which will save you the most on energy costs.

Solutions for your home

  • Lower your energy use and your energy bills
  • Improve indoor air quality and comfort
  • Lower your greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
  • Explore solutions for drafts, mold, stuffiness, and outside noise

Prioritized upgrade options

  • Speak with a professional energy advisor about the best options for your home to meet your specific goals to improve your home. Tell your energy advisor your goals and let them help you identify upgrade options for accessing rebates, reducing energy bills, improving home comfort, reducing your carbon footprint, improving home resale value, insulating your home from outside noise, or addressing other home issues related to energy efficiency.

Receive money for your upgrades

If you plan to apply for rebates, carefully read the terms and conditions for each rebate. Some rebates require a pre-upgrade EnerGuide home evaluation before installing upgrades and a post-upgrade EnerGuide home evaluation after your upgrades have been completed.

Did you see a building science or energy efficiency term you did not understand? Check out our glossary.