FortisBC Natural Gas Water Heater Rebates For Income Qualified Households

FortisBC is offering up to $2,500 to income-qualified customers who install an eligible natural gas ENERGY STAR® water heater.

FortisBC Natural Gas Water Heater Rebates For Income Qualified Households


Rebate amount

Up to $2,500

Who can apply

Residents of B.C who have one residential FortisBC natural gas account and are upgrading their water heater at their primary residence.


Application must be submitted within 12 months of the installation date

Qualifying products

Must be on the qualified product list

Funding provided by


Rebate amount

Water heating systems

New water heating system



Condensing tankless qualified product list


Condensing storage tank qualified product list


Eligibility requirements

In order to qualify for this rebate, all of the following requirements must be met. Please read them carefully. Contact an Energy Coach if you have questions.

Requirements for the home

You must live in an eligible home:

  • Must be a year-round primary residence that is at least 12 months old.
  • You must be a FortisBC residential natural gas customer with only one active residential natural gas account.
  • Your home must be at least 10 years old and less than 3,500 square feet.
  • You must meet income-qualified requirements and proof of income is required. Visit this page for full income eligibility details.
    • Total household income includes the combined income of all members of the household over the age of 18. Utility may, at its discretion, accept or require alternative or additional proof of income, including: proof of rental, foreign and other sources of income.
  • Homes primarily heated by natural gas supplied by Pacific Northern Gas are not eligible.
  • The home must be one of the following types:
    • Single family home (detached dwelling)
    • Secondary suite in a single-family home (detached dwelling), with its own separate utility meter
    • Mobile home that is permanently fixed, sits on a foundation and is structurally complete with installed and connected plumbing, heating, electrical, water and sewer services; towing apparatus and axle must be removed
    • Duplex, triplex, row home or townhome, where each unit has its own natural gas and/or electricity meter; utility accounts must be in the name of the resident and/or homeowner.  Utility accounts in the name of a strata corporation are not eligible.

Requirements for installation

All new equipment must be installed:

  • By a Technical Safety BC licensed contractor with a GST number and a valid B.C. business
    license for the trade applicable to the upgrade being installed. Self-installations are not eligible.
  • Note: combination heating and hot water system rebates are not available to income-qualified customers. To access combination space and water heating system rebates, see the FortisBC Natural Gas Boiler and Combination Heating and Hot Water Rebate.

Requirements for the new equipment

The new natural gas boiler or combination heating and hot water system must:

Requirements for the equipment being replaced

  • You must be replacing an existing water heater.


Submit your completed application and copies of supporting documents, including your proof of income, within 1 year of the installation date.

How to apply

Before you begin

  1. If you wish, request a pre-qualification code. This will help the gas contractor installing your heating system know which rebates you’re eligible for.
  2. Carefully read the program requirements and the terms and conditions on the application form to confirm your eligibility.
  3. Purchase an eligible natural gas water heater and have it installed by a licensed gas contractor.
  4. If you’re not the utility account holder (e.g. rental property), have the account holder complete the Utility Account Holder Consent form.
  5. Complete the income-qualified rebate application and include supporting documentation within 1 year of the installation date. A FortisBC account is required. See a sample invoice for water heaters to view the invoice requirements. The application includes:
    1. A copy of the invoice. See a sample invoice for water heaters to view the invoice requirements.
    2. Proof of Income supporting documentation. Visit FortisBC’s program webpage for details on how to show proof of income.

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Who to contact

Questions about the rebate?

Contact an Energy Coach to get clarification or help with understanding this rebate.

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