Getting optimal performance from a condensing storage tank water heater depends on more than just choosing the right equipment.

  • Consult with experts: Ask your energy advisor how this ENERGY STAR® certified feature could transform your home.
  • Installation Considerations: A condensing storage water heater has the same footprint as a conventional gas water heater but has different installation requirements, including venting exhaust gases through a vertical or horizontal PVC pipe and a condensate drain.
  • Size your system correctly: Talk to your contractor to ensure the condensing storage water heater is sized correctly for your family’s hot water demands.
  • Maintain your equipment: Similar to servicing a vehicle, preventive maintenance on your equipment is a good investment to minimize future problems and unwanted costs. Arrange for annual servicing that should include flushing to remove excess sediment and an exhaust vent piping inspection to look for any signs of blockage, leakage, or deterioration. Consult the owner’s manual for more details

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