Starting October 1, 2020, when a home is heated with electricity supplied by BC Hydro, the home must meet a minimum electricity consumption to be considered primarily heated by electricity.

BC Hydro’s Home Renovation Rebate Program provides energy efficient upgrade rebates to customers who have high bills from heating their homes with electric heat. Homes heated by electricity use electric baseboards, heat pumps, or electric furnaces to heat their home.

To determine if a home is using electricity to heat the home, rather than another heating source (i.e. natural gas fireplace or woodstove), it must meet a minimum electrical consumption. Check to see if you meet the minimum electricity consumption requirement by using the BC Hydro eligibility tool before you begin your upgrades. To use the tool, you’ll need your BC Hydro account number and the square footage of your home.

The minimum electricity consumption is determined by the size of the home relative to its annual electricity consumption over three years.

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