Energy Saving Kits

BC Hydro, FortisBC, Pacific Northern Gas (PNG) and local municipal utilities are offering free energy saving kits for income qualified households. The kits include the following: water-efficient showerhead, kitchen and bathroom faucet aerators, weather-stripping, window film, outlet and switch plate sealers, a refrigerator/freezer thermometer, an LED night light and four LED light bulbs, a furnace filter coupon (for FortisBC gas customers), and installation guide.

Energy Saving Kits


Rebate amount


Who can apply

You must be an income qualified household and a FortisBC, BC Hydro, PNG, or municipal utility customer.


Currently there is no deadline for Energy Saving Kits.

Funding provided by

BC Hydro, FortisBC, and Pacific Northern Gas

Rebate amount


The Energy Saving Kit is filled with easy-to-install products (instructions included).

Eligibility requirements

  • You must be a FortisBC, BC Hydro, PNG, or municipal utility customer.
  • You must live in an income qualified household for your region:
  • Total household income includes the combined income of all members of the household over the age of 18. Utility may, at its discretion, accept or require alternative or additional proof of income, including: proof of rental, foreign and other sources of income.


Limit of one kit per household once every five years.

How to apply

  1. Check our income qualification chart based on your region to make sure that you’re eligible.
  2. Apply for the free kit online below. It takes less than five minutes to apply.
  3. After you apply, you’ll receive your energy saving kit within three to six weeks.

There are no fees or shipping costs.

I am...

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A BC Hydro or New Westminster electricity customerRegistration form
FortisBC electricity or Grand Forks, Summerland, Penticton, or Nelson Hydro customersRegistration form
Pacific Northern Gas customersRegistration form

Who to contact

Questions about the rebate?

Contact an Energy Coach to get clarification or help with understanding this rebate.

Questions about your application?

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