Because heat pump water heaters pull warmth from the surrounding air, it is important to install them in an appropriate location. According to Natural Resources Canada, you should avoid installing your heat pump water heater in the heated part of your home, because that would simply increase the load on your space heating system. If you have no other choice than to install it in a heated space, ensure that it’s not placed in living spaces sensitive to colder temperatures or near a thermostat. An ideal location is a semi-heated space such as an unfinished basement or garage. Some heat pump water heaters can be ducted so that they can be placed in a heated space while using ducts to draw air from, and vent to, an adjacent outdoor or semi-heated space. There are also ‘split systems’ which allow the compressor that draws in air to be located outside your home, and the water tank to stay inside.

Make sure to follow all the manufacturer’s installation guidelines.

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