Insulation works like a giant sleeping bag. It wraps the house in a layer of material that slows the rate at which heat is lost to the outdoors.

  • The priorities for adding insulation to your home will depend on the pre-existing insulation levels in your home.
  • If there are areas of your home that are not insulated (for example your main floor or basement walls) this would generally be the priority place to start.
  • There may also be under-insulated areas in your home which would benefit from adding insulation. See How do I know if I have enough insulation in my attic.

For more information on priority areas to insulate in your home, visit BC Hydro, have an EnerGuide Home Evaluation with a Program Qualified Energy Advisor or speak with a professional insulation contractor. Check the Better Business Bureau for reputable contractors in your area. See our Hiring a Contractor FAQ section for more information.

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