This will depend on whether the window manufacturer has the same model certified in Canada. Some ENERGY STAR® windows have a label that displays a climate zone map of both Canada and the USA. If the shaded area of the map overlays the region where you live, the windows are certified in your climate zone. If an ENERGY STAR® label only shows that the window is certified in the United States, the product is likely not ENERGY STAR® certified in Canada.

Since Canada and the United States have different climate zones, specific models should be looked up in the Natural Resources Canada fenestration database to determine whether the product is certified for your climate zone. In the database you can enter the product’s model number or Energy Efficiency Verification Reference number from the energy performance label.

Refer to the sample label below, and visit Natural Resources Canada for more information about ENERGY STAR® windows.

An example of an ENERGY STAR inspection label for an insulated steel edge entrance door, including U-Factor/Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) and other energy performance ratings.

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