Heat pumps are the most energy efficient and climate friendly heating and cooling upgrade option for homes in British Columbia. A typical modern heat pump works at a high efficiency down to minus 8.3 degrees Celsius1. As the outdoor temperature decreases below this temperature the heat pump’s efficiency also decreases. Heat pumps are ideally suited for the typical climate found in British Columbia’s Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island. In areas with a colder climate, cold climate heat pumps are recommended (see our What is a Cold Climate Heat Pump FAQ).

The operational efficiency of your heat pump, and frequency that you may need to use a backup heating system, is dependent on the type and efficiency of the heat pump, your climate zone, and the design and efficiency of your home.  All heating systems work most effectively and efficiently in homes that are more energy efficient. When installing a new heating system of any type, consider what additional upgrades you can complete to make your home more efficient such as upgrading your current insulation levels or upgrading windows and doors.


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