A direct-vent wall furnace is a self-contained sealed combustion heating appliance that warms inside air by recirculating it around a sealed chamber, and discharges combustion byproducts outside the home via direct-vent. They are permanently attached to the structure of a building, and are not connected to ductwork. This means they do not need to be connected to a chimney, and can be installed on most exterior walls. Direct-vent wall furnaces circulate heated air with gravity, but some models also have a circulating fan. They are a great solution if a central furnace is not an option, and are generally less expensive than a central furnace.

  • Zonal heating: each heater has its own controls, so you can heat individual areas of your home to varying temperatures.
  • Versatile: there are wall-mounted or freestanding models that come in a range of different colours and styles, including models designed to blend into your décor. They also come in a variety of heating capacities.
  • Compact: direct-vent wall furnaces can be added to an existing heating system, or be used as a scaled-down system if ducting is not an option. Because they are compact, they can deliver warm air to hard-to-heat areas in your home.

Talk to a licensed gas contractor to find out if a direct vent wall furnace is right for your home. Learn more about direct vent wall furnaces with FortisBC.

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