After an EnerGuide home evaluation, you will receive an EnerGuide home label to affix to your electrical panel or another location. The EnerGuide label provides summarized information from your energy evaluation.

The label includes:

    • Your EnerGuide rating: the modelled energy consumption of your home measured in gigajoules per year. The lower the rating, the less energy you consume.
    • A typical new house reference: the EnerGuide rating your home would have if it had been built to current building code. Your current home’s rating may be more or less efficient than a brand new home.
    • Breakdown of the rated annual energy consumption: A pie-chart breakdown of the major energy uses within the house and an initial overview of where you can lower home energy costs.
    • Greenhouse gas emissions: the estimated GHGs emitted annually as a result of using energy in your home.

An example of an EnerGuide home label, including a meter with GJ/year, rated annual energy consumption, breakdown of rated annual energy consumption, and a QR code for further details.

For a more detailed explanation of the EnerGuide Label, please view the EnerGuide Label Example and the Guide to the EnerGuide Label for Homes.

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