If you are located in the City of Vancouver (COV) and you are planning renovations in your home you might need a renovation permit to be in compliance with the Vancouver Building Bylaw. When applying for a renovation permit and the value of the renovation is more than $20,000, you’re required to have an EnerGuide evaluation and submit a Renovation Energy Upgrade Proposal to the City of Vancouver.

Depending on the total value of the project, the COV has specific energy efficiency upgrade requirements. Check with the permitting office for the Vancouver Building By-Law to confirm the specific requirements for your project if your renovation is unable to comply with specific upgrade requirements. Speak with the Energy Advisor who conducted your EnerGuide home evaluation about Alternative Upgrades to the prescribed requirements.

If you have any questions about your renovation plans, speak with the City of Vancouver directly at 604-873-7611 or submit an online contact form to confirm whether you require a renovation permit and specific upgrade requirements.

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