A Home Energy Monitor is a device that continuously monitors your electricity usage and displays this information, in both dollar cost and kilowatts, in real time. The Home Energy Monitor will also display your daily, monthly, and accumulated totals, as well as your meter reading.

An image of a Rainforest EMU display showing current energy usage.

Through your BC Hydro MyHydro account, you may already be tracking your electricity use online – a home energy monitor simply allows you to track this information in real time. This helps to understand how and when you’re using electricity, as well as the associated costs, allowing you to take actions to reduce your usage and save money and energy.

To be eligible for a home energy monitor through BC Hydro you must meet these requirements:

  • Create an online MyHydro account with a linked profile. If you do not have one you can sign up;
  • Live in a residential detached or semi-detached home; this includes most townhomes, rowhomes and mobile homes; and
  • Have a connected smart meter with a strong network connection.

Learn more about home energy monitors with BC Hydro. You can purchase a home energy monitor through your BC Hydro MyHydro account.

If you are a FortisBC Electric customer, your advanced electricity meter will display information that will cycle through the advanced meter display every 6 seconds. You can access tools through FortisBC, like in-home displays, to help you better manage your electricity use. For more information on advanced meters, as well as in-home displays, visit your FortisBC Account Online, or contact FortisBC at 1-866-436-7847.

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