Invoices must meet these requirements:

  • All service invoices/receipts must indicate details of the work performed and the address where the work was performed.
  • The contractor’s company name, contact information (phone and/or email), address and GST number must be on the invoices.
  • All product purchase invoices/receipts must have the product’s brand, model number, and purchase date.
  • Window invoices must indicate manufacturer model code/number, NRCan reference number or a certified products directory (CPD) number, and must be certified through one of the following certification bodies:
    • Canadian Standards Association (CSA)
    • Intertek Canada (Intertek)
    • Labtest Certification (LC)
    • QAI Laboratories (QAI)
    • National Fenestration Ratings Council (NFRC)
  • All copies of invoices and documentation must be clear and legible.
  • The Energy Savings Program Rebate must be clearly listed on the invoice and the total the customer pays must not include the project cost covered by the rebate.

For detailed documentation requirements by energy upgrade, see this FAQ for sample invoices that show what the contractor should include.