You can find Registered Contractors through the Contractor Search Tool on the Better Homes Website.

When hiring a contractor, it’s important that you are choosing them for the quality of their work and for their training and credentials rather than solely on price. There are a variety of consequences to hiring someone that is going to do a poor job installing your equipment. We recommend calling around to different installers in your area to ensure that they can meet your time frame, the scope of the project, and are well qualified for the job.

Before you hire a contractor, clearly establish the scale of the project and a clear budget to work within. Write a complete description of the work you want done on your home. By doing so you will understand the scope of your project and you can find a contractor that will be the most suitable for the job. This detailed description should be given to potential contractors when you ask for a bid or proposal for your project.

Go through a proper screening process before hiring a contractor:

 For tips on hiring a contractor, visit the Canadian Home Builders’ Association. FortisBC also has some helpful tips on hiring a contractor.

*Disclaimer: The directories and resources listed on this page are for informational purposes only. CleanBC Better Homes and its partners do not endorse or guarantee contractors or their services. It is your responsibility to interview and select a contractor that meets your needs.

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