Energy Savings Program heat pump upgrade eligibility requirement

To access rebates through the CleanBC Better Homes Energy Savings Program, your heat pump must meet specific requirements. The installation design, capacity details and other requirements for different heat pump types are listed below.

  • Ducted air handlers must be used in zones that have adequate duct work (furnace to ductless conversions require pre-approval).
  • Ductless heads may be used in unobstructed zones that don’t have ducting and have heating and cooling loads that correspond to the ductless head’s operating range.
  • Zones with obstructed air flow and heating and cooling loads outside of a ductless head’s operating range, must be serviced by ducting.
  • A low static pressure ducted mini-split with two supply outlets is eligible for the same rebate value as a 2-Head Multi-split system or 2 Single-Head Mini-split Heat Pumps.
  • A ducted mini and multiple split systems with three or more supply outlets, or a mixed ducted and ductless system with 3 or more zones is eligible for the same rebate value as a Central Ducted system.
  • At the outside winter design temperature, required heating facilities shall be capable of maintaining an indoor air temperature of not less than 22°C in all living spaces, 18°C in unfinished basements, common service rooms, ancillary spaces and exits in houses with a secondary suite, and 15°C in heated crawl spaces.


See the requirements specific to different fuel and heat pump types on those pages:

If you have questions, please reach out to an Energy Coach.